Axe Throwing

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Axe throwing is amazing fun and not as hard to learn as many people think people most will get it on about the 3rd throw, some will get it on the first. There is also a general misconception that the sport is dangerous. Thats only the case if you dont have stringent rules in place.

We have three differnt types of axe throwing, there is the normal Viking type axes which we use more for adults/teenagers, then we have our childrens axes that are really light and finally we have our small axes that are used like you were throwing a dart at a dart board. 

All 3 are great fun and can be mastered fairly quickly.

You can contact us for prices for groups but you can also book for a family session or a 1 on 1 personal session call us on 07809 716423 or via email

We are setting up an Axe throwing league for individuals and teams of three so keep an open for this, once we have our new Axe lanes set up we will let everyone know. 

Please contact us for information on the leagues.

Axe throwing is a great team building type of game and we invite companies or groups of people to get in touch for a night or day of Axe throwing.

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