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Give a man a fish he will feed himself for a day, teach him how to fish and he will feed himself for a lifetime”

Welcome to The Rugged Outdoors store where you will find a multitude of survival equipment at affordable prices alongside some of our quality T-shirts, Hoodies, leather pouches and many other products. It should be noted that we are not allowed to sell knives to under 18's. Please click on the images below to see the different sections.

Please note that all leather goods are hand made and therefore each piece is unique


Mason Jar and leather holster

Hand made leather product sold in:

Single              £12.50

Pair                  £24.00

Set of 4           £47.50

There is a fee of £3.50 for P&P

Medium sized coin pouch £12.50 

Small Coin Pouch

This is a cute but functional little coin pouch £7.50

Small Coin Pouch
Viking Chair

Paracord one of the essential items for your EDC (Every Day Carry) is paracord.

100ft Paracord

This is one of our Standard chairs that comes in a burnt wood effect. Click to see larger image

Cost is £50.00 + P&P

Our Standard chair but with a hand carved leather back panel with a Vikings head click to see larger image

Cost is £60.00 + £7.50 P&P

Please note that we have a pick up option please email us at

Mora Limited Edition Knife

Mora Ltd edition 2018

The solid finger guard optimizes safety and the robust handle makes the knife sit even better in your hand. Available with blades of carbon steel and stainless steel. This one is

Mora Safety Knife

The Mora saefty knife is the one that we use on all of our courses, it is a reliable knife at a reliable cost of just £10.00

Mora Ltd Addition 2018
Mora Companion Knife

Companion is the perfect knife for an adventure, a real all-round knife. The tang runs three-quarters of the way up the knife, so that you can work with power and precision. The blade is made of carbon steel that we have treated according to our secret company recipe for optimal results. 

HD Companion

Cold Steel Norse Axe

£44.99 + P&P

Ferro rod, fire lighting,
Flint and Steel

A Ferro Rod is a must have in your kit and this one includes a compass and a striker which doubles up as a whistle, a little saw and a ruler. These are the ones that we use on our course and will last for around 12,00 strikes.

Ferro Rod

A great fire lighting skill to learn is the use of the Flint and Steel seen here with one of our leather pouches.


Flint & Steel with pouch
Solar lighter, fire lighting
Ferro Rod, fire lighting

A Soloar fire lighter a small and light bit of equipment £10.00 

Small Coin Pouch
Fire Lighting Kit

Fire Lighting media that includes a Storage tin, lint, fatwood and a Ferro rod and striker that has a compass and whistle.


Flint & Steel with pouch