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We are so happy to have teamed up with Napsack Hammocks to sell these amazing Hammocks and we will soon have some set up and ready to try out.

Carry your adventures in your pocket with our New Ultralight Pocket Hammock. Set up in seconds thanks to our 16 Loop Daisy Chain system.

Comes with carabiners, Stuff Pouch and Daisy Chain Tree Huggers.

Colour: Charcoal

Size: 270cm x 145cm

Weight Capacity: 440lbs

Cost: £40.00 + £5.00 P&P


Tips on how to put up a hammock a video will follow soon

Fire Lighting Tin
Ferro rod, fire lighting,

A great fire lighting skill to learn is the use of the Flint and Steel seen here with one of our leather pouches.


Fire Lighting media that includes a Storage tin, lint, fatwood and a Ferro rod and striker that has a compass and whistle.


A Ferro Rod is a must have in your kit and this one includes a compass and a striker which doubles up as a whistle, a little saw and a ruler. These are the ones that we use on our course and will last for around 12,00 strikes.

Flint & Steel with pouch
Ferro Rod, fire lighting
Ferro Rod

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