At the Rugged Outdoors we want to help you to give your child a party that they wont soon forget and to this end we provide you with the opportunity to build the party that you want by clicking on the options below.

It should be noted that a minimum of 3 activities should be selected.

For each activity that you add to the list over 3 please note that it extends the party by 30 mins per activity ie

3 activities = 1hr 30mins + 30m mins for food

4 Activities = 2 hrs + 30 mins for food

5 Activities = 2hrs 30 mins + 30mins for food

Important notice before booking please call us on 07809 716423 to check the availability of your preferred date.

Fire Lighting


Fire Lighting is one of the most important skills that a person can learn as it can help in a multitude of ways from keeping you warm to cooking food. We teach how to light a fire using a ferro rod and striker and then how to build a fire in the right way.

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Fire Lighting

Woodland Cooking


Woodland Cooking is great fun and you get to eat at the end of it, we will show you how to cook safetly on an open fire and how to cook a traditional Bushcraft dish called Bannock which is bread that is made from just flour and water, add a little bit of chocholate spread or cheese and you have a delicious meal.

Woodland Cooking

Safe Archery


This is soooo much fun the arrows have soft foam ends on them which bounce off if you get hit with one, the kids are first shown how to use a bow and arrow, then they get to fire at our animal targets and then they get to go against each other.

Safe Archery
Number of children

Knife skills


Learn the safe use of knife work then complete 2 projects to practice the skills that you have learnt under the expert guidance of our instructors



We all like to think that we are Robin Hood why not let us give you a chance to give it a go with Tracy our qualified instructor.


Den Building


Den building is probably one of the most popular of our activities the kids absolutely love it and of course we do a water test to see if the den is water tight

Den Building

Air Rifle shooting


Done under strict safety rules this is a great activity but only for the right ages as the rifles are quite heavy to this end we recommend that the kids should be 9 and over.

Air Riffle

Nerf Wars


Nerf wars is always a favourite and lots of fun and full on

Nerf Wars

Axe Throwing


What is more exciting than axe throwing, done under our expert instructor Craig this is a safe activity and amazing fun in fact so much fun that we have to stop the parents from kicking the kids off.

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