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We love the thought of schools coming to visit the Rugged woods it gives us a chance to show them what we are about... The Adventure, the Experience and the Fun and just before the summer holidays in 2018 we had our first school visit from Hornsea Primary school and let me tell you it was an absolute blast.

When the schools enquire about the activities that they can do during a visit we list them all down and ask them to pick 4 which enable us to break them down into 4 manageable groups moving around each of the activities that they have chosen. The kids from Hornsea Primary School chose, Wand making, Safe Archery, Den building and Fire lighting and here are a few of the photo's that they sent us.

If you are interested in having your school visit us please email

We have a wide range of activities on offer from Den building to safe knife skills and Harry Potter wand making to Tree climbing to name but a few.


If you would like to organise a site visit to have a look at what we have please get in touch and we will look at a time convenient to you, we even put the kettle on.


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