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Last weekend (27th - 29th July we attended the Deershed Festival for the first time in fact it was our first ever Outdoor Event like this so we had no idea of what to expect. The whole weekend was totally amazing and we met some fantastic people. I think that what blew us away was the amount of kids to adults ratio with the kids out numbering the adults 3 - 1. 

While we were there we taught people how to make Bannock which was by far the most popular and we must have made well over 200 of them Tracy was flat out big thanks to Lisa and Steve for helping us.

Another popular activity was making a walking staff and we made over 50 of them and one in particular was made by James Harper . James and I were talking and I explained about charring the staff so he went home straight after the event and produced this stunning staff.

We also taught people how to make a natural cordage (string) out of Willow bark and one lady was really excited about learning this new skill but the courses were full so we fitted her in when we could and she did a great job (wish I had gotten her name) I gave her some extra bark before she went back to the main arena and while she was watching the bands she made about 20 feet of cordage.

The fire lighting was a washout literally the rain came down most of the weekend we managed get just one session done but it went down really well.

While we were doing some of the activities we were asked to do another family festival in Alnwick, a smaller number only 3,000 compared to the 10,000 at the Deeshed Festival but we cant wait to do that and of course hope that we get asked back to Deershed next year.

If anyone is looking for activities like ours to attend family oriented festivals please do not hesitate to get in touch via info@ruggedoutdoors.co.uk or by phone on 07809 716423

Can anyone else see a bears head there

I had a great session with you guys at Deershed this weekend and as you asked for some photos of completed staffs here you go. The burning technique is new to me and I really enjoyed trying it on the staff, after a rub with steel wool and linseed oil on it came out looking lovely.
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