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OK so here we are with our new Bannock recipe page where we hope to get all of your idea's for Bannock making, we attended and showed people how to make Bannock at the Deershed Festival in July and such was the interest in Bannock that we decided to dedicate a whole page to YOUR recipes so we want to hear from you when you come up with an idea.

So what is Bannock? There are many theories on how bannock was made but the most basic one that we have found is one that is made up of just flour and water and then cooked over a fire on a big flat stone but there are many other ways it can be cooked with many more ingredients so why not explore.

Here you can see how we cooked it at the Deershed Festival for ease, safety and large quataties cooked at one time.

So here is our first inclusion from Tom Wilson

Saw you guys Deer Shed Festival, kids loved it, they made bannock bread, we came home today tired and muddy. So the only way to finish a great weekend was to light a fire and make some more. Great fun.

We also talked about different recipes. I tried one for bigger people.
Exchange water for Amaretto and then fold in mixed dried fruit. Tasted like stollen, awesome. 👍
Thanks very much.