Corporate events

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Axe Throwing Challenge 

The Axe Throwing Challenge is one of THE most popular events and can be tailored to your time requirements with other activities added for even more fun we can even do Pizzas to finish it all off with or you can cook over one of our Viking Firepits whatever you decide to do you will have a great day

Hunter-Gatherer Experience

Learn how our Hunter-Gatherer forefathers survived in the wilds and then test your ability to emulate them, broken down into teams you select who your tribal leader will be and who will take which role in the tribe, from Keeper of the fire to Hunters to Toolmakers and more.

Do you think that your people have the ability to survive? Well lets see shall we.

For a corporate day out it doesn't always have to be about who is better than the other, some of our more memorable corporate days have been the ones sitting around the fire learning how to carve a spoon or make cordage while drinking a cup of what you like and eating some homemade stew. It's a great way to learn about each other and just RELAX.

We have a huge selection of activities to try so just pick and choose to suit your needs.

Contact us for a chat on the phone or make an appointment to visit our site to see what we have to offer and get some inspiration.

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