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We are gearing up for Xmas and have Willow weaving courses coming up making a wreath on Wednesday 20th November and a wreath and snowman on Sunday 24th November.

Now on sale are the Napsack hammocks Ultralight for just £40.00 and £5.00 P&P if they cant be picked up

A Day of Survival with Craig, learning survival techniques that are more advanced this is a one on one session or you can book up to 4 people on the course for an individual its £75.00 for two people it would £70.00 each for 3 it would be £65.00 each and for 4 £60.00 this is for ages 10-16 years contact to book

07809 716423 or email info@ruggedoutdoors.co.uk

We will be hosting a Dark Skies event in conjunction with the North York Moors Dark Skies Festival week bring a chair a blanket and a flask of what you like to drink we will provide a nice roaring fire to keep you warm you can book a Pizza for on the night at £7.50 but book early

for this these events are booked very quickly.

We also suggest that you bring a pair of binoculars and/or a telescope.

To attend the event please book your place by emailing us  info@ruggedoutdoors.co.uk

Please book my pizza


Although we were finalist we did not come home with the trophy but we will look to next years application and make sure that it is much stronger than this years. We wish the businesses that won the very best of luck and the National awards.





Please note that at the present time we do not have an expert to answer your questions , however should this change we post information here.

North York Moors Dark Skies Festival 2020

We have a very diverse range of activities for children you can see what we offer by clicking below or call us on 07809 716423


Here at the Rugged Outdoors we try to make your visit one that you will never forget. We get you right down to the basics and you leave us with some real practicle skills and lessons that will stay with you for life.

Our ethos is to let the kids lead and to this end we provide you with a list of activities and you pick what you want to do.

Although you may have picked a number of skills we are very flexible and can change the day to suit.


Call us now to book

07809 716423

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