Welcome to The Rugged Outdoors store where you will find a multitude of survival equipment at affordable prices alongside some of our quality T-shirts, Hoodies, leather pouches and many other products. It should be noted that we are not allowed to sell knives to under 18's

Mason Jar and leather holster


Hand made leather product sold in:

Single £12.50

Pair £24.00

Set of 4 £47.50


There is a fee of £3.50 for P&P


Here at Rugged Outdoors we will be producing a limited amount of leatherwork and welcome suggestions on items that you may want to see on here.

Some items will be available with personalised work on them mainly by including your name or initials, however we will have some stamps available in the near future.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Some of the stamps that we have available .

This versatile little fold out pouch can be used for a number of things from foraging, to metal detecting from a dog treats bag to something to keep small tools in while on the job. Measuring 4in wide and 3 1/2in long and have a belt loop on the back. When unfolded the bag 8in wide and 10in long.

Another versatile little pouch that can be used for a multitude of things this is generally used to carry plastic dog poop bags but can also be used as a tinder pouch for Bushcraft.

T-shirt 1

T-Shirt 2

Viking gear

Coming soon

Gjallarhorn's and

Viking Drinking Horn's

The Bushcraft Rangers use their Gjallerhorn for a number of reasons, for starting and ending the session, if a member successfully completes a new skill and to announce its a birthday but who needs an excuse to use this amazing ancient horn

Cold Steel Norse Axe

£44.99 + P&P


T-Shirt 4

T-Shirt 3

Rugged Outdoors Rune T-shirt



The amazing Mora Eldris, this is the best little knife you will ever own. Only 1 left in stock £29.95