Rugged Kids

Why not be a Rugged Kid? You may already be. We love to see kids climbing trees wading in becks exploring the great outdoors, getting muddy and generally enjoying themselves.


Every child should get the opportunity to let their imaginations fly, go build a den, see what bugs they can find and play hide and seek, what could be better. Here at the Rugged Outdoors we look to provide all of these opportunities and more, we get down and dirty but we also teach the need to look after what we have, we talk about the environment in a way that kids can understand and take into later life, this way we may have a sustainable existence with the planet.


Why not check out our Bushcraft video's to see what kind of skills that you can practice while your out and about we use this to hone our skills and as another activity when the attention span gets to its limit.


Here is the start of a kids bucket list you can add to to it or take things off the list but it is a start.

The Kids Nature Bucket List


1. Jump in a muddy puddle

2. Climb a tree

3. Build a den

4. Swing on a rope hanging from a tree

5. Learn how to use a pen knife

6. Roll down a hill

7. Wade through a beck

8. Fish for sticklebacks

9. Look for frog spawn

10. Explore the woods


Watch out for some tips and tricks from Luke and Josh heres one from each of them

11. Go on a trek with mates

12. Cook on a campfire

13. Make a bow and arrow

14. Plant it, grow it, eat it

15. Have a water fight

16. Roast marshmallows

17. Have a picnic

18. Skim a stone

19. Build a raft

20. Make a mud pie


"He came home and said that was the best 2 days of my life" Gillian Bentley


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