Rugged Families

Where we can we like to promote families getting out of the house and visit the great outdoors to go for a walk. There is so much to do and see even in a small bit of woodland. There are plants and trees to identify there are birds too. You can take a picnic along with you and sit down and eat some healthy food.


For us the most important part is that quality family time that you get without the distraction of mobile phones and tablets its just you and nature.


Books on plant and tree recognition are relatively inexpensive and when you go out you can make it fun trying to pick out the different plants and trees by seeing who can spot the most varietys while your out, we print off sheets that the boys can put in their pocket and mark off what they see thats on their list.


Why not check out our Bushcraft video's to see what kind of skills that you can practice while your out and about we use this to hone our skills and as another activity when the attention span gets to its limit.


Keep an eye open for some tips that will be posted on this page on a monthly basis.




"He came home and said that was the best 2 days of my life" Gillian Bentley


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