Kids 2 Day Basic/intermediate Woodland Survival Course


This is probably our most popular course it provides the particiants with a basic knowledge of Bushcraft and Survival skills and a platform to go onto more advanced skills. This year we have decided to include intermediate skills for those who have already attended. We start at 10:00am each morning and finish around 4:00pm packed lunches are required.

Cost of the course


1 Day Kids

Firelighting course

We take you through all facets of fire lighting, the skill that ancient man mastered to survive the Rugged Outdoors. We start with the components of a fire and work our way through each section of this fascinating and essential skill. We will show you how to build a fire and leave no trace. We also explore the different types of fires that you can use and why.

We start at 10:00am sharp and finish at 4:00pm packed lunches are required.


Cost of the course

£25.00 per person

Den Building for the kids

Who doesn’t like the idea of building a den in the woods kids and big kids alike love the idea of building their own den.

This is a great family activity for everyone to get involved in with tons of family time

We will show you the different types of shelters and then let you get down and dirty but can you build a waterproof shelter….. We will see, 17 August cost £15.00 5-9 years Start 1 pm finishing 3.30pm.


Cost of the course


1 Day kids

Knife Skills Course

Everyone loves to use a knife but how many people know how to use them correctly?

We will talk you through the safety aspects of knife work, show you some simple ideas that you can use to teach kids the safe use of knives and then get you to work with feeling comfortable with your knife.

We look at different types of knives how to maintain them


Cost of course

£25.00 per person

Kids Constructing a base camp 2 day course

On this course we will get you ready for a total outdoor experience, on day one you will get straight into building a shelter where you will construct everything that you need. Once your tarp shelter is up we start on the firepit, thermal wall, raised bed and many other amazing survival items. We start at 10:00am each morning and finish around 4:00pm 30th and 31st August. Packed lunches are required.


Cost of the course


Axe Skills

Learn the correct safety methods for using an axe, Axe anatomy, maintenance and types. Then we move onto some small projects to help you gain confidence. We also talk about the law concerning axe's